At the Center for Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), we understand that mental health, emotional well-being, and a sense of belonging are not one-size-fits-all matters. We welcome students of all identities, including all ethnicities, racial identities, genders, gender expressions, cultures, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, national origins, ages, sizes, abilities, and/or socioeconomic statuses. Our goal is to work with you, collaboratively, to address the issues and experiences that are important to you.

Students reach out to CAPS for many reasons, have very busy lives, and value differing forms of support. It might be surprising that not everyone who connects with CAPS needs—or wants—traditional one-to-one therapy sessions! CAPS offers free, confidential resources based upon a model and philosophy of care called Stepped Care 2.0, a multifaceted approach that values individualized services and student autonomy, and meets students where they are regarding readiness for creating change. This model asks questions like: What are you experiencing in your life right now? What do you care about? Where do you want to make changes or explore new possibilities? The term “Stepped” refers to the varying intensities of offerings through CAPS, from self-help options, to brief workshops, peer programs, support services offered by campus partners, group work that addresses isolation, short-term individual counseling, or off-campus referrals.

Depending on individual assessment, professional best practices, and the realities of CAPS’ Scope of Practice, we can recommend any number of options represented on the Support Wheel below. CAPS' adaptation of Stepped Care allows for flexibility, respects that needs change over time, and minimizes the overall wait-time for services.

While we are able to offer short-term, individual, counseling and, in many cases, maintain a relationship with students over their academic career, we are not able to offer long-term weekly therapy services.  Due to the number of students that seek our services, we offer a variety of interventions and support services.  If you are interested in weekly therapy during your time at Ithaca College, we will be happy to help you with finding a referral to a provider near to campus.  With the advent of Telehealth, it may also be possible for you to continue to work with your counselor/medication manager from home.  If you would like to maintain that consistency, we encourage you to discuss this with your current provider prior to coming to campus so that you have your support system in place.