** The Faculty in Residence program has been suspended for 2021-2022. **

Program Description

The Faculty in Residence program brings together a small, multidisciplinary group of faculty to form a learning community that seeks to contribute to faculty excellence, broadly defined. Each resident proposes and pursues a program of study, reflection, planning, and action related to some aspect of faculty excellence and development. The residents and CFE Director meet regularly to engage in dialogue concerning issues in higher education, to discuss projects, share ideas, and learn from and with each other.

Successful proposals evidence the following: a clear initial understanding of the existing work in, and the context of a proposed area of study; accomplishments and/or interest and promise relevant to the proposed area; connections of the proposed project to Ithaca College initiatives (e.g., areas of need identified in the Strategic Plan); potential impact beyond the faculty member’s own discipline and department; and desire to engage fully with colleagues to create a vibrant learning community.

Duration of the residency is one academic year, with the possibility of yearly renewal up to a maximum residency of three years. Residents receive one three-credit course release per semester and may not receive overload compensation during their residency. The Faculty-in-Residence program is open to all tenured faculty, as well as faculty members with six or more years of experience in an NTEN position at the college.

Proposal Process

Proposals should include a 1000 word maximum description of the proposed program of study, reflection, planning, and action that relates to some aspect of faculty excellence and development, its potential impact beyond the discipline or department, and its connection to Ithaca College Initiatives, in particular, the Strategic Plan.

Proposals and residency renewals must be pre-approved by department chairs and deans, confirming that they support the proposed program of study as contributing to the applicant’s professional development and to the college, and that the three credits of reassigned time for each semester will fit within his/her/their teaching load.

Contact the Center for Faculty Excellence with any questions regarding the Faculty in Residence program.

The Faculty in Residence for 2020-2021 are as follows:

Arhlene Flowers

Professor, Strategic Communication [Project Summary]

Michael Smith

Professor, History & Environmental Studies and Science, [Project Summary]