Faculty in Residence 2020-2021

Arhlene Flowers
Arhlene Flowers, professor of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Park School's Department of Strategic Communication, joined IC’s faculty in 2006. Her project, “Best Practices in Experiential Learning in the Classroom: Resources, Opportunities, and Challenges,” is designed to provide useful resources for faculty who currently offer or are contemplating adding experiential learning experiences in their classrooms. Active learning in the classroom aligns with one of the objectives of Ithaca College’s Strategic Plan: “Establish Ithaca College as a leader in practice and performance by expanding experiential learning opportunities across the curriculum, college operations, and real-world problems in the community.” As a faculty in residence, she is developing case studies, new online content with comprehensive resources, and other educational opportunities for faculty in all schools engaged in experiential learning.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith is a professor of history and environmental studies and sciences who joined IC's faculty in 2001. His project, "Teaching and Learning in a Climate Emergency," involves working with fellow teacher-scholars at the individual, departmental, and school levels to facilitate and support the work of building a curriculum that prepares our students for the climate emergency.  The goal of the residency was originally to develop workshops, symposia, and consultations that would help infuse into the curriculum learning experiences that educate about the many dimensions of the climate emergency.  The pandemic-related challenges of the 2020-21 AY have resulted in some modifications to this agenda, but meaningful dialog and research is still happening.