Collaborative Teaching Space

Gannett 319 has been developed for use by the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Library, and individual faculty and staff members. The room has 5 collaboration pods with two displays. A Creston unit and interactive Eno board/ stylus support collaboration and lecture modes, with a wireless keyboard for the instructor and each pod.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to experiment and to use Gannett 319. Interested parties should email Stephanie Salcedo at ssalcedo@ithaca.edu to arrange to use Gannett 319. In advance of a scheduled session, users must check out the Gannett 319 Kit from the Multimedia Services Desk using an Ithaca College ID. The kit is necessary to access the room and to use the room’s technology (collaboration pods, Eno board, and projection system). Users are encourages to bring personal laptops. There are also laptops that may be checked out at the Circulation Desk, depending on availability. Gannett 319 was designed to be as intuitive to use as possible. However, there is a small learning curve in order to get comfortable with room’s controls and technology. Users should contact the ITS help desk for technical assistance.

The Library and the Center for Faculty Excellence host introductory sessions for Gannett 319 throughout the academic year. Interested faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.