Ithaca College expects all incoming first year students to complete Alcohol Edu, an online education program, prior to the start of the fall semester. Alcohol Edu can be completed on a computer, iPad, or tablet with access to the internet and audio capabilities. 

The launch date for our Fall 2020 Alcohol Edu course will be announced soon. The course takes about 90 minutes, and must be completed within a 2-week period..

Information on how to access the course will be available here : AlcoholEdu Login Instructions page.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. What is the purpose of Alcohol Edu?

A. Whether or not you drink, Alcohol Edu empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides some simple strategies to help keep you and your friends safe. This online course includes information on college alcohol use statistics, alcohol’s effects on learning and memory, how to recognize and respond to an alcohol-related emergency, and how to find alcohol and drug-related services on campus.

Q.  How do students access the Alcohol Edu course?

A. Instructions are available on the AlcoholEdu Login Instructions page. The course must be completed on a computer, iPad, or tablet with access to the internet and audio capabilities.

Q.  I am a transfer student.  Do I need to complete Alcohol Edu?

A.  We encourage transfer students to complete the course, but it is not mandatory.

Q. I am a parent of an incoming student. Do I have to complete Alcohol Edu?

A. No. There are special resources for parents listed on the Center for Health Promotion web page, here: For Parents, but there is no required course for parents.

Q.  What about students who do not have easy access to computers at home or in their community?

A.  We ask that you consider all the possibilities for accessing a computer.  A friend or family member may be willing to let you use their computer for this purpose.  Also, many local libraries have computers available with internet access.The course can be completed on a computer, iPad, or tablet with access to the internet and audio capabilities.

If it is truly impossible to access a computer with necessary technical capabilities, you may receive an extension to complete the course on an Ithaca College computer.  Please email Nancy Reynolds in the Center for Health Promotion at for more information.

Q.  Why is Ithaca College requiring an alcohol course?  Is there a drinking problem here?

A.  Ithaca College is pretty typical of most college campuses when it comes to alcohol use.  Most people drink moderately or do not drink at all.  The course is designed to help students think through decisions related to alcohol use.

Q.  What does the evaluation research say about the impact of online alcohol courses?

A.  Research conducted on online alcohol courses has shown encouraging results for college retention rates, GPA’s, and decreased alcohol consumption and related harm among college students. Most IC students report that they learned useful information from the course and that they would recommend it to a friend.