The African Latino Society Memorial Scholarship

The ALS Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students of color at Ithaca College who have made significant contributions to IC campus community. This scholarship aims to honor students who have worked to influence and promote the academic, political, social, economic, and cultural welfare of students or color at IC and the greater Ithaca community.

The 2020 African Latino Society Memorial Scholarship Recipient

I've started to look at my academic excellence not as a form of validation, but as a reward for my hard work ethic.

Gaby Tola

Additional Praise for Gabrielle

In addition to her work with student life, Gabrielle has her own astrology business, promoting holistic healing for people of color.  Ms. Tola uses her social media presence to showcase healing through artistic outlets such as poetry, dance, singing, and painting that embrace her racial/ethnic identity, sexuality, and spirituality.  Gabrielle is also on the Dean's List and uses her writing skills to peer-review and edit for her community. 

Please join us in congratulating Gabrielle on this honor!