COVID-19 | Considering Your Physical Wellness

"Underpowered racial populations in the US continue to experience disparate levels of access to health care and preventative options.  Many of these populations have higher rates of poverty, more dependency on hourly wage work, less access to grocery stores with large stocks, and fewer options to realistically distance themselves from others. Additionally, these conditions (poor health outcomes stemming from structural inequality and environmental racism) places many POC in high risk categories.  

It is imperative we, everyone, take this pandemic seriously. If you are unable to socially distance to the degree asked by the CDC, be aware of the risk you may pose to elders or those with compromised immune systems in your family, network, and your community.  Engage in strong proactive wellness practices, monitor your health every day, and take as many precautionary actions as you possibly can."  

Omega Hollies | Assistant Director, Center for IDEAS

How to Protect Yourself

The CDC offers information on how to protect yourself from the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Know how it spreads. 
  • Take steps to protect yourself.
  • Take steps to protect others.