Dana Teaching Fellows

Program Description

Educational success at Ithaca College depends, above all else, on the commitment and inventiveness of our faculty. Excellence in undergraduate teaching and research must be rewarded and encouraged. To this end, the Center for Faculty Excellence has established a program to recognize faculty members who have profoundly influenced our students through their sustained and significant contributions to pedagogy and scholarship.

Teaching Fellows are faculty members from various departments who provide support to other faculty members aiming to enhance their students' learning and performance and to address shared teaching and scholarly challenges. Their support can take many forms: leading CFE hosted events, one-on-one consultations, classroom observations, and/or other support depending on the specific circumstances. Pedagogical and research support can include helping faculty to think about designing a new course or revamping an existing course, examining a course to address inclusive excellence, implementing a new instructional strategy, designing curricula and assignments that promote authentic learning, implementing formative assessments, and addressing workflow efficiency. The Teaching Fellows Program builds on the robust experiences of faculty developers and fellow faculty at the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Duration of fellowship is one academic year with the possibility for yearly renewal up to maximum fellowship of three years. Fellows receive one course release and a $3,000 stipend per year plus support for professional development. The Teaching Fellows program is open to all tenured and tenure-eligible faculty, as well as long-term NTEN faculty members.

The major program goal is to deploy pedagogical and scholarly expertise across the campus through faculty networks.


Each Fellow will work on a proposed program and meet regularly with the other Fellows, CFE Leadership, and staff members whose work relates to the program. The Teaching Fellows program is grounded in a distributed leadership model. CFE Leadership and the Teaching Fellow will determine the final plan for implementation jointly.

The Teaching Fellow will plan and attend bi-weekly meetings to discuss, coordinate, and reflect on their individual and joint programs for colleagues at the departmental, school-college, or campus-wide levels. These meetings may take the form of further program development, critical examination of resources and initiatives, adjusting the direction or scope of programming, and solidifying connections and networks across the campus.

Contact the Center for Faculty Excellence for further information regarding the Dana Teaching Fellows.

2018-2019 Dana Teaching Fellows

Amie Germain, Occupational Therapy
Program: Universal Design for Learning

2018-2019 Dana Teaching Fellows

Matt Clauhs, Music
Program: Culturally Responsive Teaching