Submit a Summer Research Grant Proposal

Style of Proposal
Summer Research proposals are reviewed by faculty of varied backgrounds who compare "apples and oranges;" poetry manuscripts are compared to laboratory experiments and philosophic essays are contrasted to stock market analyses. The proposal should be written in the professional style of the discipline using language that is comprehensible by a non-specialist reviewer and should avoid reliance upon technical or dense professional vocabulary. Colleague evaluators help the non-specialist reviewer to judge the project's significance. The curriculum vitae, similarly, clarifies the investigator's contributions to the profession and qualifications to undertake the project.

Proposal Contents
• completed cover page signed by the chair/director and dean (click on link below);
• narrative, not to exceed 6 typewritten pages;
• an evaluation and recommendation from a colleague who has expertise in the project's field, addressing:
     --the innovative nature of the research proposal
     --the investigator's qualifications
     --the likelihood that the project can be completed
     --the significance of the research
The colleague letter may be from an internal or external colleague. It should demonstrate detailed technical understanding. An encomium on the proposer's qualities as a colleague or a general statement of support will not help and may actually weaken the proposal. The colleague letter may be sent separately from the proposal.
• vitae in professional form with relevant recent publication or activities;
• if completion of a project will require support from Academic Computing and Client Services (ACCS) or the Center for Educational Technology (CET), a memo of support from ACCS/CET should accompany the proposal.

Email a copy of of your complete proposal to the Center for Faculty Excellence at and send the original paper copy to 316 Gannett Center, by February 15. Allow time for department chair's and dean's review before the deadline. Awards will be announced by March 31 or as soon thereafter as possible.

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