At the CFE, we embrace innovative educational practices that lead to engaged teaching and learning, no matter where it happens on campus. We work to stay abreast of developments in learning science and their applications in campus life. Most importantly, we are committed to helping faculty and staff translate pedagogical research into effective evidence-based pedagogical practice.

Collectively at the CFE, we have expertise in: organizational change and change leadership in higher education, learning science, human development, career development of faculty and relevant staff, student-centered teaching, course design, technology-enhanced learning, student motivation, inclusive teaching, service-learning, undergraduate research, high-impact teaching practices, the teaching consultation process, organizational change, student ratings of instruction and faculty evaluation, leadership and career management, and much more.

Every workshop we facilitate, every learning community we run, every faculty orientation we organize, every individual consultation we engage, are steeped in this research and designed to make it available to educators on campus and help them adapt it to their discipline and particular teaching context.

Collectively, we are highly published and well-respected in the field, and we also hold leadership positions in several national and international teaching & learning and faculty development organizations. It is our privilege to dedicate our knowledge to promoting excellence in teaching, and subsequent student success, on the Ithaca College campus.

Faculty in the CFE