Welcome to the New Ithaca.edu

A big milestone, and more to come . . .

On May 11, 2018, the first major wave in rebuilding and redesigning the Ithaca College website went live!

Our website should be beautiful, engaging, and easy for everyone to use. It also should celebrate the types of talent, character, culture, and ambition that make IC unlike any other college or university. The web team, with staff from the Office of College Relations and Communications and from Information Technology, have been working hard to create that kind of site for our community. 

Drawing on data about our web visitors behaviors, preferences, and frustrations, we carved out the first major upgradesor, in some cases, the first completely new approachesfor some of the most heavily used parts of the site. Prominent portions of ithaca.edu now have new features:

  • New top-level navigation shaped by web user behavior
  • An interactive campus map with photos, directions, and layers for needs like parking, accessibility, and restrooms
  • New designs, color palettes, imagery, video, and written content that reflect ICs distinctiveness
  • More prominent ways to highlight the talents and achievements of faculty, students, and staff
  • Full responsiveness on any screen or device
  • A new flexible, intuitive, open-source content management system, Drupal 8

Remaining areas of the website are being moved or reimagined in scheduled phases and in close partnership with offices across campus. Even before that happens, those older parts of the site have received subtle upgrades so that they look more like the new site and respond well on mobile devices.

This marks the first comprehensive overhaul of the website in well over a decade, and its only the beginning. More ambitious content, features, and capabilities will be rolled out in the coming weeks, months, and beyond.

Contact the IC Web Team

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