The IC Web Team: Behind the Screen

Updates from the IC staff on a mission to improve the experience: project managers, visual designers, programmers, web architects, content specialists, digital strategists, and more. Learn about our process, our priorities, and the roadmap for what's next in our evolving web platform.
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We formally launched our new website on May 11th! While there are many reasons we’re excited about our new site, here are just four of the things our team is most proud of.
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While working on the new and talking to people across campus, we knew we had to find the right voice and tone to reflect IC on the web.
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There are a lot of big changes in the works for our new site, and IC’s creative team will be posting about our creative direction and creative choices along the way.
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Meet the Team
October 13, 2017
Many roles are critical for the successful rollout and sustained evolution of a website, especially one with as many content contributors and managers as