Evaluating Legacy Forms for Migration

Forms are specialized web applications with their own content workflows that often change over time, and may be managed or accessed by different people than those who manage web content. Unfortunately the form-builder tool that is integrated in our WPM system (JotForm) does not allow enough of the flexibility expected by modern users and content owners.

To better meet wide range of existing content needs, there is no "one-size-fits-all" form builder in our new Drupal platform. This means we are unable to migrate forms created as JotForms intact from WPM into Drupal. Instead, we are providing content owners the ability to embed forms built with modern forms software that is supported by our IT applications team. Any content owner who wishes to embed a form on their upgraded site will need to build a new version of that form to replace the old one using a supported external forms tool.

The right form solution will vary based on the information being requested in the form, so existing WPM forms need to be evaluated individually to determine the best option for rebuilding them. Our IT applications team will help evaluate your existing form and provide a recommendation on the best solution for rebuilding it.

What to Consider

Here are some questions you'll need to answer before discussing how to rebuild an existing form:

  • Is it clear who this content is for and is it still valuable/relevant for that audience?
  • Is it also clear who owns and manages the form, especially those who may be part of the workflow for submissions to that form?
  • Does this content need to be a form or can it be better shared (more accessible, search friendly, etc.) elsewhere?
  • If it is still an active, relevant and useful form, what is the best window of opportunity for recreating this form using a different tool?
  • Does your form request any personal or private identifying information, or request for payment?

Solutions and Options

A. Do Nothing

If the form is not currently active or required, it can be ignored and not included in legacy move to Drupal. We recommend deleting any form you are no longer using, but legacy forms will remain in WPM along with their data for reference up to an additional year (details TBD).

B. Recreate

If you determine your form is still required for your upgraded site, it will need to be recreated using a modern form builder tool recommended by our IT applications team. Limited support is currently available for Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, and Cognito Forms. If your content is in a survey format, Qualtrics is recommended. Our Drupal platform can or will support embedding of these forms on a page, but the form must be built and published first.

Please submit a Website Form Consultation Request to get help choosing a form tool that fits your needs.