Release Notes

Details of the latest features and updates our developers have added to improve the IC website. The most recent release info is listed first.

Standard Release - v1.45 (Oct. 8, 2019)

This release provides bug fixes for embedding Cognito forms and WPM migration tools, along with minor improvements for the display of Spotlight Gallery cards. There's also on more important feature update content managers have been asking for and now we've delivered:  you can now build a page with Image Flow Text and choose whether to place your image to the right or left side of your page column when viewed in desktop layouts. 🎉

What is Image Flow Text?

View our updated user documentation on this feature to learn more about how it works and when to use it appropriately for your web pages:

How to Add Image Flow Text

Standard Release - v1.44 (Oct. 1, 2019)

Updates for this release focus on improving site performance. Additional enhancements have been added to lay groundwork for planned migration and development of Intercom and faculty/staff profile content.

Notable UPDATES:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) activation - ensures that our website loads fast for all users, no matter where they are located. Using a CDN scatters key bits of our website across servers around the world, allowing even the largest images and files to load equally fast no matter how far away you are from our proxy servers.
  • Quicklink module - like the CDN, this allows prefetching of links on a page so clicking on links to other pages opens them even faster than before.
  • Update PHP Version from 7.1 to 7.3 - this will allow us to extend use of the old WPM content management system into 2020 until migration of legacy content is fully completed.
  • Assigning user groups on login - a first step to improving our permissions, users who sign into the Drupal site can now be identified as Faculty, Staff, or Students. This is a key ground work for future migration of Intercom and faculty/staff profile content planned for the months ahead.

Standard Release - v1.43 (Sept. 12, 2019)

Updates for this release include several developer improvements behind the scenes, as well as bug fixes and content manager enhancements.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Improved background image scaling on custom landing page hero headers
  • Fixed spacing around featured cards for an improved mobile screen experience

New Features:

  • Improved CMS user tools - we've cleaned up some of the interface to allow content creators to see more of a page in edit mode by collapsing and reducing the size of blog post collection previews. We also have a new view for CMS Managers to quickly find authenticated users in the system and see access and permission levels to help enable faster support.
  • Sassafras Embed - allows embedding of Sassafras computer lab resource availability maps for campus (coming to IC in Fall '19)

Standard Release - v1.42 (Aug. 27, 2019)

Updates for this release include several bug fixes and content enhancements.

New Features:

  • Media Galleries (beta) - Create galleries of images and videos to share as a page within your site. There are still some known issues affecting the uploading and management of gallery items, so use this feature with caution. Read our feature documentation for details.
  • Embedded SoundCloud Player - allows SoundCloud content to be embedded on Pages, News, Blogs, and more using the "Add Embed Code" tool.
    Here's an example of how that looks: