Ithaca College’s core colors are IC Blue, Gold, and Gray. IC Blue is the college’s identifying color—it should be used as the primary color in all Ithaca College communications. IC Gold and IC Gray should be used as supporting colors.

IC Blue

Coated (Print) PMS 541C  |  C100 M62 Y0 K38
Uncoated (Print) PMS 294U  |  C100 M53 Y2 K21
Web HEX #003B71  |  R0 G59 B113

IC Gold

Coated (Print) PMS 130C  |  C0 M30 Y100 K0
Uncoated (Print) PMS 129U  |  C0 M30 Y100 K0
Web #FFBB00  |  R255 G187 B0

IC Gray

Coated and Uncoated (Print) PMS Cool Gray 11  |  C0 M2 Y0 K68
Web HEX #9C9C9C  |  R156 G156 B156

Note: There are separate and unique palettes of college-approved colors for the website and for merchandise. To learn more about Ithaca College merchandise and our licensing program, visit