Virtual December Graduation Celebration

Welcome Class of 2020!

Zoom Log-in Information for Graduates Only

Please join us for the ceremony by using this link

Livestream for Family and Friends

We encourage supporters of our graduates to watch the ceremony via our livestream at ithaca.edu/commencement/livestream


Below are a few important instructions regarding how the ceremony will work. Please read these instructions carefully as they will ensure that you can join the event and have a great experience.

  1. When entering your information to join the Zoom meeting, ensure that you enter the name that you previously used to RSVP, and that will be used when you are recognized on the screen.  Please also use your Ithaca College email address when joining.  Names that do not match the registration RSVP may not be recognized in the ceremony.
  2. You will be able to join the meeting up to 30 minutes in advance, but you may be in the waiting room briefly while we confirm your information.
  3. When you join, please start your video so that we can verify that your camera is working.  Your video will be turned off by the host once this has been completed.
  4. The ceremony will be spotlighted in the Zoom meeting, allowing you to watch the live feed, “Ithaca College Program,” that is streaming to YouTube.  We recommend leaving the Zoom meeting in speaker view throughout the ceremony so that you see both the activities in the Zoom meeting and the feed displayed to the public.  However, if you do choose to view the meeting in gallery view, it is important to turn on “Hide non-video participants” so that you don't miss your opportunity to be recognized.  Click here to see instructions explaining how to change this setting and other viewing options.
  5. Later in the ceremony, all students will be recognized on the screen individually.  At some point during this section, you will receive a message in the center of your Zoom screen asking you to start your video.  Please do so.  This will place you in the Zoom meeting gallery, but you will still not yet be visible to the viewing audience. You are now moments away from your live moment on screen and should not turn your camera back off until you have been featured onscreen.
  6. When you see your camera and your name come up on the “Ithaca College Program” video spotlighted in the Zoom meeting, you will then be live onscreen.  You will be individually spotlighted on screen with your name showing on the lower third of the video. Your microphone will be disabled, and you will have approximately 10 seconds to smile, wave or take a bow in order to celebrate your hard work and achievement. You are welcome to hold up a sign (etc.) but please be advised that the broadcast will be on delay and any inappropriate signs, gestures or backgrounds will not be shown.
  7. After your approximately 10 seconds on screen, your video will be turned off and you can continue to watch the program.
  8. You’re welcome to use the chat function in the Zoom meeting to chat with the other students, faculty, staff, and others in the meeting.  Note that these messages will not be seen by viewers watching the ceremony outside of the Zoom meeting.
  9. Near the end of the ceremony, all graduates will be asked to start their video and be on screen for the final celebratory moment with the rest of the fall graduates. 
  10. Any inappropriate signs, gestures, backgrounds, etc. in your video, or any inappropriate comments in the chat, will result in you being removed from the Zoom meeting and not recognized throughout the ceremony.