Commencement 2010

As we prepare for this year’s Commencement on May 23, 2010, I wanted to share with you some exciting news for 2010 graduates.  A workgroup was formed last spring semester by President Tom Rochon to make some recommendations about how the College could enhance the academic focus of the Commencement ceremony. The workgroup members included:

Brian McAree, Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life, Chair

Brian Scholten, Registrar

Deb Mohlenhoff, Assistant Director for Community Service and Leadership Development

Greg Woodward, Dean, School of Music

Janet Wigglesworth, Interim Assistant Provost

Chris Lee’10, Student Trustee

Beginning this year, the ceremony will be changed to recognize honors graduates and announce a number of the academic accomplishments of this year’s class. In addition, I wanted to share with you some other important changes to Commencement.


First, the College has decided to once again distribute to each graduate a medallion which is unique to this year’s graduating class with the objective of recognizing graduates on their achievement and providing them with a meaningful memento of this special occasion. Each medallion will include a special quote chosen by President Rochon for the Class of 2010.


Second, in consultation with the Senior Class Executive Board and Cabinet, the Commencement Speaker moving forward will be a notable alumnus or Ithaca College faculty member who has a deep connection to the institution and can deliver a celebratory and inspirational message to our graduates that is directly connected to our speaker’s personal experience with the College. The alumni/faculty speaker will replace the celebrity speaker which has been a part of Commencement in the past.


We are all looking forward to another exciting Commencement on May 23rd!


Originally published in Intercom: Commencement 2010.