Special Topics: Belize's Rainforests, Reefs and Ruins

As part of the Global Engagement initiative, Professor Susan Allen-Gil has partnered with a locally-owned ecotourism company in Belize, Paradise Expeditions, to offer students an in-depth view of the interplay between conservation of nature and economic development in this emerging Central American country.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: ENVS 20400/20500 - This course includes and serves as preparation for a post-semester trip to a tropical rain forest to explore the local ecosystems and human impacts on biodiversity. During the semester, the class studies factors that lead to high biodiversity in the tropics, the importance of this biodiversity to human civilization including the use of timber and medicinal plants, and the current condition of coral reefs. They also learn to appreciate the scientific, artistic and spiritual accomplishments of the local culture. We will also explore the anthropogenic threats to these ecosystems, including overharvesting of natural resources, population growth, industrialized agriculture and tourism. Additional course fees apply for the trip.

Listed in the right side bar are links to students' photography and videos about their experiences, as well as providing a beautiful representation of what to expect during the course and trip! --->



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