Topics in Sustainability

"Topics in Sustainability" courses allow students to study and apply the core principles and strategies for building community sustainability through classroom learning combined with field experiences and service projects in the local community and at Ecovillage.  The courses integrate conceptual material with various experiential modes: field trips and presentations by community leaders; journaling; community skill trainings; lifestyle change experiments; class as a learning community; etc. These courses are project-based: students work closely with community educators to carry out a project that will be useful to the local community.

A different "topic" is explored each semester--below is a description of the most recent course offered under this umbrella:

ENVS 20200-01--JUSTAND REGENERATIVE LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS (Fall 2012): In this course, we use a systems approach to creating an ecologically regenerative local food system and economy that empowers and healthfully feeds all of its people.

We will explore sustainable food systems through the lens of social justice, ecological agriculture, regional nutrition, and systems thinking. We’ll study a small number of texts and other instructional materials in depth; and create a classroom learning community that draws on the expertise, experiences, and interests of students, local farmers, gardeners, food activists, cooks, food processors, and leaders in the fields of social justice and sustainability. We will work with soil and plants and our taste buds as much as possible. 


Students will be engaged in hands-on projects, and field trips to farms,  community gardens, schools, and other community settings linked to the local food justice movement, as well as the “Building Bridges” initiative for creating a just and sustainable local economy. 


Reflection, journaling, building skills in cultural competency, personal food sustainability practices are an integral part of the change work we explore in this course

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