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Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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Michael Rogers, Department of Physics - Ithaca College (2006-07)


Proposal: Creating a sustainability assessment plan across disciplines


Outcomes: To research existing valid and reliable assessment instruments in a range of disciplines related to sustainability issues, and to design assessment implementation plans to address the range of participants in sustainability education. This will result in the creation of a website containing downloadable assessment plans, instruments - including both formative and summative instruments recognized by national funding sources, and instructions for their use.



Michael ”Bodhi” Rogers, Department of Physics - Ithaca College (2005-06)

Proposal: Incorporating sustainability in Thermodynamics (315-320). 

Outcome: This project developed a unit on heat engines, energy transfer and efficiency in the perspective of sustainability. By promoting problem-solving with respect to heat engines, students earn the tools to examine wind turbines, water turbines, hydrologic cycles and global climate change.


Beth Ellen Clark Joseph, Department of Physics - Ithaca College (2003-04)

Proposal: Integration of Sustainability into a new course on Earth Science

Outcome: A course syllabus for a new course, “Evolution of a Habitable World,” which was taught in Spring 2004.


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