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Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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Patricia Rodriguez, Department of Politics – Ithaca College (2011-12)

Proposal: Politics of Development – Human Development/Grassroots Sustainability focus

Outcome: Dr. Rodriguez will incorporate a larger focus on environmental and sustainable development to her Politics of Development (POT 32700) course. The area of research centers on social movement activism (indigenous, peasant, labor etc.) in Colombia around issues of mobilization, human rights, and development strategies allowing greater understanding of diverse global grassroots efforts at generating an alternative sustainable world. Sustainability inevitably confronts political challenges across the globe, and including discussion of these issues in the core curriculum of the existing sustainability-related programs will enhance education experience of students. ---

Kelly Dietz, Department of Politics – Ithaca College

Proposal: Exploring Environmental Politics in East Asia

Outcome: Dietz will incorporate a more sustained and deliberate exploration of environmental issues in her existing course, Politics in East Asia (POLT 34003). The course examines contemporary political relation in and with East Asia; however many of the course’s substantive topics and broader questions lend themselves to sustained consideration of how environmental issues intersect with politics in the region. Students will be able to learn and identify main environmental problems in East Asia and how environmental issues intersect with other key political issues in the region.



Naeem Inayatullah, Department of Politics - Ithaca College (2008-09)

Proposal: “Sound Sustainability”

Outcome: Redesign of two courses: Music of the African Diaspora and Worlds of Music to incorporate concepts related to the impacts of global capitalism on native musical heritage, from erosion of physical and cultural environments, to the loss of cultural specificity and musical authenticity to fit Western ears. 


Monty S. Berman and Pam K. June, EcoVillage at Ithaca (2004-05)

Proposal: To develop teaching units on “Sustainable Humanity: The Development of Self within Systems”

Outcome: This module was taught to Professor Tom Shevory's freshman seminar on "Sustainable Politics." The positive feedback led to sharing the module outline, with annotated background information with three other Freshman Seminar professors.


Tom Shevory, Department of Politics - Ithaca College (2003-04)

Proposal: To develop a First Year Seminar, “Sustainable Politics.”

Outcome: The course consisted of reading texts that introduced students to issues in sustainability/environmental politics, a writing component, various field trips, guest speakers, required participation in the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, and a group project. The group project evolved into a class project videotaping interviews with people on campus and in the community about environmental sustainability.


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