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Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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Sean Vormwald, Alumni Relations - Ithaca College (2008-09)

Proposal: International Environmental Policy: UN Climate Change Conference (Part II)

Outcome: Develop student course projects that will lead to the possible presentation of posters at the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland in late Fall 2008.


Sara Brylinsky, an Ithaca College undergraduate student (2007-08)

Proposal: “Strategic Sustainability: Intersections and Immersions”

Outcome: A new course focuses on students’ ability to become ethical problem-solvers and innovative leaders through their ability to implement sustainable communication campaigns, and service-oriented thinking. Students will be pushed to recognize the necessity of facilitating both attitude and behavior transformations, in order to move beyond linear belief systems and into modes of thought and action which enable multifaceted responsibility, re-orientation of goals, and fresh institutional progress.


Thomas Pfaff, Department of Mathematics - Ithaca College (2006-07)

Proposal: The Oil Problem

Outcomes: To further refine an earlier project which teaches Excel-based curve fitting techniques in calculus courses through exploration of the issue of oil – supply and consumption of oil, its impact on global warming, and what can be done to affect these issues. Additional challenge will be offered through more sophisticated analyses that arise from “what if” sustainability scenarios.



Stewart Auyash, Department of Health Policy Studies - Ithaca College (2004-05)

Proposal: To develop course units on sustainability for the course, “Front Page Public Health: Policy and Epidemiology.”

Outcome: Students in the course reported that the unit on sustainability helped to form a theoretical and practical understanding of the concept as it pertains to issues in public health. Some stated that they can now see more clearly how the concept of sustainability can apply to many aspects of health and not merely the economic, environmental, or developmental areas. About half of the class selected sustainability topics on which to write their term papers.

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