Faculty Development

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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 Cory Brown, Department of Writing - Ithaca College (2008-09)

Proposal: Introducing “sustainability poetry” into Poetry Writing courses

Outcome: To produce poetry that explores sustainability values not exclusively related to the environment, but that also addresses ways in which social justice and economic behavior affect the environment, and to promote an ethos of sustainability.


Cory Brown, Department of Writing - Ithaca College (2006-07)

Proposal: To integrate sustainability and environmental content into the philosophy unit of “Poetics”

Outcomes: Students will read selected material from thought-leaders in the sustainability and environmental vanguard, and be guided to write about sustainability as an issue in which to contextualize their efforts to define themselves as writers.


Valorie Rockney: Department of Writing - Ithaca College (2003-04)

Proposal: To develop content on sustainability for a persuasive writing course. 

Outcomes: A variety of activities were undertaken to develop content, including: reading articles and books related to sustainability, moving into EcoVillage, experiencing and observing the natural world. 

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