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Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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Anne Stork, Biology/ Env. Studies & Sciences & Kathryn Caldwell, Department of Psychology - Ithaca College (2012-13)

Proposal: Conservation Psychology

Outcomes: Drs. Stork and Caldwell were each awarded a mini-grant to work cooperatively in developing an integrated approach to teaching conservation in a new course called “Conservation Psychology”.


Kathryn Caldwell, Department of Psychology - Ithaca College (2006-07)

Proposal: Psychology of Sustainability

Outcomes: To develop a course component for the First Year seminar course, “Sustaining Our Worlds.” Drawing from ecopsychology, development psychology, and social marketing approaches to promoting sustainability, students will be guided to ask and answer: what is sustainability? What is sustainable community? What is ecological consciousness? What is the relationship between sustainable behavior and psychological well-being? How can we foster attitude and behavior change to create more sustainable communities? How can we foster this sensibility in future generations?


Monty Berman, EcoVillage at Ithaca (2005-06)

Proposal: The Sustainable Human

Outcomes: Students will address three important components of sustainable “be-ing” in the world: self-awareness (what this entails, as distinguished from ordinary consciousness and perception); self-responsibility (who’s in charge; who runs “the show,” who has these feelings/these thoughts, makes these responses); and contactfulness (how do we make rich, rewarding, and productive connections to others and to our environment). ---

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