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Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

Funded Mini-Grant Proposals

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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Linda Heyne, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies – Ithaca College (2011-12)


Proposal: Costa Rica: Ecotourism and Natural Resource Management

Outcome: Dr. Heyne will produce a new curriculum to teach Ecotourism and Natural Resources Management to students in Costa Rica in Spring 2013. Students will learn about a country that has reversed a trend of rain forest deforestation and now serves as a model of sustainable tourism practices with positive effects for natural and social environments. The course fulfills IC 2020 Theme One and Theme Three by offering an integrated curriculum whereby diverse disciplines interest and supporting student learning within an international culture and context.



Judith Kennison, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies- Ithaca College (2006-07)


Proposal: Incorporating Sustainability into Foundations of Outdoor Adventure Pursuits


Outcomes: Students in this course already obtain an understanding of the impacts of legislation on recreation resources areas, overuse of areas, controversies over types of recreational use, how technology has changed the nature of the outdoor experience, and the concept of a “land ethic.” Current course content would be strengthened to provide students with connections to issues of sustainability and how these impact any type of use in the outdoors, including outdoor recreation. A coordinated unit on sustainability would be developed that would include sustainability of recreational places (resources) and sustainability of people (human spirit, quality of life, sense of adventure, sense of place).




Rob Porter, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies - Ithaca College (2003-04)

Proposal: Integration of Sustainability into a course on Eco-tourism.

Outcome: New course modules on sustainability, including a field-trip to EcoVillage.

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