Program Outcomes

To date, we have developed a dedicated website and “talking points” about climate neutrality and sustainability for the college community to consider while participating in the new president’s strategic visioning process and Integrated Curriculum program. Ongoing “marketing” of sustainability and the goals/objectives of the Committed to Change Program continues at on-campus events, including the Climate Action Plan process, Friends for Sustainability, through various student organizations, and articles in IC campus publications featuring program highlights.

We very much appreciate the support provided by HSBC North America and the Ithaca College administration that has allowed us to move quickly on so many fronts within so short a period of time.

In the last four years, we have:

  1. established an effective administrative structure and protocols for scholarships, fellowships, internships and research awards,
  2. set up and delivered components of a new on-line sustainability certificate program,
  3. engaged students in international environmental awareness on climate change, economic development and indigenous sustainability
  4. hosted annual two-day Sustainability faculty development workshops
  5. supported 77 faculty and educators from IC, Ecovillage, and Empire State College with mini-grants to help with developing sustainability-related curricula during the summer that could be infused into Fall and winter courses or educational experiences
  6. made progress towards the launching of an option for a sustainability major through Planned Studies with a minor to follow (when campus-wide program restrictions are lifted), as well as investigated the possibility of development of a Master’s of Science in Applied Sustainability,
  7. invited high profile speakers to present on campus,
  8. developed a pilot program for student-run sustainable land use enterprises on the college’s natural lands,
  9. supported eight incoming students with scholarships, and
  10. funded 30 internship and research projects and

We look forward to continued implementation of the many and effective Committed to Change Program activities in the upcoming years.

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