In-Person Event Guidelines

Recommendations for individuals and groups who want to host a meeting or event at Ithaca College (referred to as Event Sponsors):

Meetings and events should be hosted remotely whenever possible. When face-to-face meetings are unavoidable, they should occur in spaces that allow for proper social distancing (6ft) and all parties are required to wear face coverings. ALL (faculty/staff/student) meeting and event requests must be submitted via this form.

Each event must have a health & safety point person, designated by the event sponsor, on site.

  • Student organizations are required to determine a health & safety officer during recognition. This person holds ultimate responsibility for oversight for events.

Time/Day Considerations:

On-Campus in-person programming is only allowed when the campus building is open.

Virtual programming is allowable any day of the week, any time.

Space Considerations:

Given that space on campus will be at a premium, Event Sponsors might want to consider the following options:

 A&E Center spaces (Glazier Arena, VIP Room, Pool, Water classroom) will be available, on a limited basis, for student-focused programming and events. The Campus Center events staff will be available to set up/tear down the spaces.

Sections of the parking lots around the A&E center could be reservable for outdoor, evening events.

Classrooms will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for meetings, programs, and events in the evenings and weekends.

Event sponsors may not move any furniture in any meeting room or event space once the space is set up.

Event sponsors should provide a container with additional face coverings, sanitizer, cleaning supplies for any attendees/presenters who may have forgotten to bring their own.

  • These can be requested as supplies last.

Limited A/V services are available by request

Attendance Considerations:

Attendance for all in-person programming must be within current NYS state guidelines

Event sponsors must track all attendees for contracting purposes.

Any on-campus programming is limited to room capacities which will be provided

For all events with an audience, the audience must be seated with chairs distanced per the room capacity set up. This should be kept in mind when planning the event.

All Event Sponsors should review and follow the Guidelines for Accessibility and reach out to Student Accessibility Services staff for additional guidance to plan an accessible event.

All events should consider having some attendees participate remotely in order to reduce contact and exposure. (for example, livestream, record for later viewing, zoom, etc.)

Review the guidelines for educating participants and reporting violations to ensure consistency.

Any organization or department with an IC Engage profile is encouraged to post their events on IC Engage and  the IC Events Calendar.

Other Considerations:

Avoid providing food and beverages at events whenever possible.

  • If food or beverages must be provided, only individually wrapped refreshments are permitted. In addition:
    • Socially distanced, seated service in compliance with NYS Food Services Guidelines must be used for events where meals must be provided. No buffet service is permitted.
    • Encourage people to adopt behavior of bringing their own water bottles.
    • Event sponsors may not bring in communal or shared food from home or outside.

If possible, eliminate all materials that would be distributed at the meeting/event and eliminate sharing of items.

Any performance involving singing or vocal projection should follow the recommendations provided by the Theatre Department found here.

Performers/speakers/guests who are not faculty, staff or students affiliated with IC will not be allowed to attend or host events on campus for the Spring 2021 semester.

  • Speakers and presenters from outside of the Ithaca College community should be presenting using streaming services, Zoom meetings, or other technology that reduces contact and exposure.

No shuttles will be allowed or used for events for the Spring 2021 semester.