Frequently Asked Questions About Our Coronavirus Response

General Questions

How can I help students?

The college has established a special student emergency relief fund for students facing financial uncertainty due to COVID-19 called IC Cares: Bombers helping Bombers. To learn more and to make a gift, visit alumni.ithaca.edu/ic-cares.

How can students apply for help?

Students with financial need resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak can seek financial assistance for things like emergency travel, rent and utilities, shipping/storage, food, and academic needs.  These are one time allocations and are usually limited to $500. Students needing this assistance must apply here.

How can I get updates about what is going on?  

Ithaca College has created this website to keep our campus community informed of decisions and will continue to update this page with information related to the coronavirus situation. Please continue to visit and share this website for the latest information: www.ithaca.edu/coronavirus.

How can parents and guardians opt-in to receive email communications from the college about the coronavirus?

Students can email registrar@ithaca.edu from their Ithaca email and include their ID number and request that their parents’ or guardians’ names and email addresses be included in the student’s contact information.

Special Topic FAQs

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