Campus Life and Events

Graduation and Commencement

When will I graduatE?

Seniors who were scheduled for a May graduation date, will still have May 17, 2020 as their official graduation date on their diploma and transcript (if all degree requirements are completed).   Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on your application for degree in July.   All students  with a graduation date between December 2019 through and including December 2020 will be invited to participate in the newly scheduled Commencement ceremony to be held the weekend of August 1.
(updated 3/17/20)

Is the college still planning to hold commencement?

Ithaca College has announced it is targeting August 1 and 2 for commencement weekend on campus, with the ceremony to be held on Sunday, August 2 to celebrate the Class of 2020.

This decision was made as a result of extending remote instruction through the end of the semester, given the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic. Committee members from a wide range of campus offices are working hard to develop a plan for the rescheduled commencement weekend and ceremony. They are thinking creatively about ways to provide, if possible, some of the traditions, events, and activities surrounding the celebratory weekend.

While this rescheduled plan may change, given the unpredictability of the coronavirus outbreak, organizers remain optimistic about the targeted commencement weekend. More details about planned activities and instructions for graduates who wish to participate in the ceremony will be added to the Commencement 2020 website as they become available.

(updated 3/18/20)

Campus Resources and Events

How can I contact campus offices?

Please refer to the Campus Contacts page.
(updated 3/17/20)

What is the status of activities on campus and on-site services?

  • All on-campus activities will be discontinued during the period of remote instruction.
  • The Library is accessible virtually, but not open for in-person use.
  • Residence halls are available ONLY to those who have been approved for a housing exception, and no guests are permitted.
  • The Fitness Center, Hill Center and Wellness Center are closed.
  • The Muller Chapel will not be holding services.

(updated 3/12/20)

What are the Campus Center hours?

  • 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

(updated 3/17/20)

How do I get my mail THAT HAS already been delivered to campus?

If a student currently has a letter or package that has been delivered to the college, they have two options for retrieving it:

  • Students can have their items forwarded/returned/shipped to their desired location at any time. To do so they should send a request to icmailservice@ithaca.edu to make those arrangements.
  • Otherwise, IC Mail Services will hold all of the letter mail and packages currently in its care through at least the end of the period of remote instruction (April 3, 2020). Students will be able to pick up all pending items upon return to campus at such time.
  • For more information, please see the Mail Services website.
    (updated 3/12/20)

What happens to my job as a student employee?

Human Resources is completing an assessment of student employee positions and will be in touch directly with student employees with more information.    
(updated 3/17/20)

Will the Office of Public Safety remain open?

Yes, the Office of Public Safety will remain open 24/7, and will continue to provide emergency services. They can be reached at 607-274-3333. 
(updated 3/12/20)

Can I come to campus to get my car?

Students and families can pick up vehicles and remove them from campus.
(updated 3/12/20)

What happens if my vehicle is parked on campus and I can’t move it?

Vehicles with a valid parking permit that need to remain parked on campus are permitted to do so until end of the spring semester.
(updated 3/12/20)