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Questions About Remote Instruction and Online Learning

IT Resources

The Office of the Provost has been collaborating with the deans and assistant/associate deans, as well as the Teaching and Learning with Technology staff, and with the VPs of the campus to prepare for a remote teaching protocol. That includes training and preparation on the college’s  tools and platforms, including Sakai and Zoom.

Additional information is available on our main Information Technology web page.

What technology services are available?

  • The IT Service Desk is available by phone at 607-274-1000, via email at servicedesk@ithaca.edu, or via live-chat. For information regarding extended hours please visit the IT Service Desk site.
  • All on-campus IT services are closed, including computer labs, the FixIT shop, service desk walk-in service, and all IT offices.
  • Voice messages can be left at the IT Main Office: 607-274-7000 and will be returned during business hours.

(updated 3/23/20)

Academic Calendar Updates

Updated Spring 2020 Academic Calendar

  • Updates include extended spring break and new dates and deadlines.

Spring 2020 Final Exam Schedule

  • All final examinations (or the equivalent cumulative experience) will be offered remotely. Please consult with your faculty member for guidance.

Updated Summer 2020 Academic Calendar

  • includes a new May session start date.

Fall 2020 Course Registration Info

The Fall 2020 schedule will go live March 30th. Time tickets will be posted in HomerConnest as usual. Registration access codes (RACs) will not be required for fall 2020 registration. Ithaca College advisors are available and eager to support advising via email, Zoom, and other remote platforms.

If you have any questions we are here to help, please email the Registrar at registrar@ithaca.edu.


How will I know what’s happening with my classes as we transition to remote instruction and learning?

 Look for either an email or a Sakai announcement from each faculty member teaching your courses this semester. Your faculty member should be able to update you on the amended syllabus, revised or rescheduled assignments, and expectations for how to engage in classes that are scheduled to resume on March 23rd. If you are experiencing any difficulties related to your full participation in your classes, please let your faculty member know so that they may be responsive or so that they can get your inquiry to the right person to help.
(updated 3/17/20)

I have accommodations in my IC courses. What is the campus doing, during remote instruction, for students who have SAS accommodations? 

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office will continue to be open and staffed to assist students with remote learning. Faculty members are doing their best to plan for inclusive course materials and class experiences, in collaboration with SAS.

In addition, the Student Accessibility Services office has posted guidance for students who are seeking information about how the remote instructional protocols might affect their most appropriate accommodations. Students should review the related March 19 Intercom article for more information, or reach out directly to SAS at tests@ithaca.edu.
(updated 3/25/20) 

Can students come to campus to participate in team research, individual studies, lab work, and other activities related to the academic experience?  Will any aspects of academic programs continue on campus? 

No. Students should not come to campus to participate in labs, research experiences, or any academic program. Our goal right now is to do our part to engage in preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please reach out to your faculty member for guidance on how this work will transition in the coming days.
(updated 3/17/20)

 I left all my books in my room. What do I do to prepare for my classes? 

Faculty have been advised that students may not have access to books and other course materials and are working to provide appropriate resources and materials online. Many textbook publishers are allowing free access to their materials online, and faculty who know this would be helpful to their students are contacting their representatives to ask for access. The staff of the IC library are assisting with materials that faculty members can link to the Sakai sites. In sum, faculty members are aware that students may be accessing their coursework, for a time, via phone or other mobile devices and that students’ access to their regular course materials may be limited to just those items accessible through the Sakai site. For other challenges around course materials, please work with your course instructor or dean’s office.
(updated 3/17/20)

How can I get research support from the Ithaca College library when I'm not on campus?

IC Subject Librarians are ready to help you find the resources you need and answer other research questions. 

Contact them individually for reference and research consultations, or for quick help, you can also email or chat with the Research Help desk. (M-F, 10am-4pm).
(updated 3/27/20)

Is there any discussion of whether Ithaca, like some other institutions, will allow a more liberal policy to allow students to take more of their classes S/D/F?

The College is instituting emergency practice exceptions to the current S/D/F policies, for Spring 2020:

  • We will eliminate the cap, for Spring 2020, on how many courses an undergraduate student may elect to take S/D/F in a single semester.
  • We will eliminate from the calculation of total courses taken S/D/F over a student’s academic career at IC any courses that were taken S/D/F in Spring 2020.
  • Some courses in the major may be allowed to be taken S/D/F (undergraduate) or S/U (graduate), contingent upon permission of the major department.
  • We will extend the deadline by which a student may request that a course be taken S/D/F or S/U until May 11th.
  • Students attending affiliated and exchange study abroad programs who have concerns about their grades and credits after the official transcript from their study abroad program is received and posted may submit an appeal to have these courses recorded as S/D/F as outlined in the academic catalog.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students should recognize that their choice to take courses S/D/F (undergraduate) or S/U (graduate) may not be appropriate for all courses and should carefully consider with their advisors or deans’ offices the possible implications of the S/D/F option on progression in a professionally accredited program, on future or pending applications to graduate programs, on scholarships or financial aid, and, for undergraduate students, any planned changes of major that might be pending.

Students interested in making changes must review the Registrar's website for guidance on how to request these options.
(updated 3/25/20)

Will choosing S/D/F have any negative impact on my financial aid?

Choosing the S/D/F option will not negatively affect your Ithaca College merit awards. However, if you have received scholarship money from outside resources, we advise you to check the sponsor’s policies to make sure that such a choice will not affect your eligibility. In any case, please make sure to check with your advisor before electing to use the S/D/F option.
(Added 4/21/2020)

Are the withdrawal and other deadlines changing? 

All dates and deadlines related to the academic calendar are adjusted by one week. An updated academic calendar is available at this link: Spring 2020 Academic Calendar (revised). Students with extenuating circumstances are encouraged to reach out to their dean’s office to discuss possible exceptions or extensions.
(updated 3/17/20)

What should I know about final examinations? 

All final examinations (or the equivalent cumulative experiences) will be offered remotely. Please consult with your faculty member for guidance about expectations.

The last day of classes is now Monday, May 11. Finals week is now Tuesday, May 12 through Friday, May 15. For HSHP graduate students, you will be contacted by your department regarding scheduling.
(updated 3/18/20)

Are Block II classes running? 

Block II classes are currently scheduled to run as planned after the extended spring break. Some courses, such as PALS courses, may not translate to a remote instructional format and may be canceled. If you are concerned about meeting full-time status or satisfying the credit requirement for graduation, please reach out to your dean’s office. We are currently exploring the creation of new variable credit options to support students in these circumstances.
(updated 3/17/20)

Will the timing of our course registration change as a result of the extended spring break? 

Registration will begin one week later than published in the initial academic calendar. Time tickets will be posted in HomerConnect as usual. Students are encouraged to seek advising via email and/or Zoom conferencing, but no student will need a registration access code (RAC) to register.
(updated 3/17/20)

When will I get my midterm grades? 

Midterm grades are due one week later than originally scheduled due to the extended spring break. All midterm grades should be posted by 10 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25.
(updated 3/17/20)

What will happen with my internship/student teaching/clinical experience?  Can I continue in my placement if I live in Ithaca, and my field site is okay with me continuing my experience on-site?

No. As of Monday, March 16th, students are on an extended spring break and are not to report to any community-based experiences associated with an IC course (here in Ithaca or elsewhere). Beginning March 23rd, students will be transitioned into remote instruction and will continue their learning about their internship topics with faculty or community-based partners remotely. Students in teacher education programs completing senior student teaching will be contacted directly by your department or area. We realize this is disappointing to our students and to some of their field-based partners, but we are enacting this restriction in the interest of public health safety. Students who have questions about their internships or other field-based/clinical experiences should contact their dean’s office for guidance.
(updated 3/19/20)

What is the plan for graduate programs? Are graduate programs moving online? What is the plan for graduate assistantships? Would their pay stop?

At this time ALL Ithaca College instruction will be moving online, including graduate programs, beginning March 23rd. We will be in touch about the implications for graduate assistants and other student workers.
(updated 3/17/20)

Now that I’m home, I need to use Zoom to connect with my courses. I left my iPad in the dorm and the family computer is unable to handle running the program. I’m concerned that I will fall behind. What is the College doing to help support students in my situation so that we can be successful in our courses?

We understand that the departure from campus and the transition to remote learning was unexpected. Any student who is experiencing technology difficulties should submit the Keep Learning Student Technology Request form, available here:  https://becm.ithaca.edu/forms/fr/keep-learning/technology-request/new  Submissions will be reviewed confidentially by a team of school representatives and IT experts.
(updated 3/17/20)

What will happen with Commencement?

Commencement will be rescheduled. See the Campus Life & Events FAQ for the latest details.
(updated 3/17/20)

Am I eligible for a refund of tuition for the semester? 

Since instruction is continuing, and students will still have the ability to amass credits toward their degree programs, tuition will not be reimbursed.   
(updated 3/17/20)

I am signed up for the payment plan through Nelnet. Can I stop making payments now?  

Individuals should honor the payment plan by continuing to make payments for the semester since instruction is ongoing. Students whose families are facing major changes in their financial circumstances due to the national health emergency should contact Student Financial Services to discuss their unique situation. Reach us via chat online at www.ithaca.edu/tuition-financial-aid or email sfs@ithaca.edu
(updated 3/17/20)

I receive VA benefits. How will those be impacted?

There will be no change to VA benefits due to COVID-19 for the Spring 2020 semester. No determination has been made yet by the VA for the Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 terms.
(Added 4/21/2020)

Can I file a financial aid appeal if my family is now experiencing financial hardship due to loss of income as a result of family job loss?

Although we strive to present the best possible aid to students based on their eligibility from information we receive via FAFSA and/or the CSS Profile, we realize that these are most unusual times and are here to help our families when possible. If you are experiencing a change in your family situation and would like to talk with us, we are happy to do so. Please feel free to contact the Student Financial Services staff by phone at 607-274-3131, by email at sfs@ithaca.edu,  or by using the chat feature on our website.
(Added 4/21/2020)