Health, Wellness, and Prevention

Staying Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul While Social Distancing

A special resource brought to you by the Center for Counseling, Health & Wellness

It's difficult to sort through all the different digital resources on health and wellness during this unprecedented time. We've collected some that we think are both credible and relevant to IC students. Check back often for updates and additions.

Zoom wellness coaching is now available! Email us at healthpromotion@ithaca.edu for information.

What if I suspect that I am having coronavirus-related symptoms while on campus?

Students who think they may have coronavirus symptoms may call the Hammond Health Center at 607-274-3177 or contact their home primary care provider for advice. In order to help minimize the spread of disease, it is important to contact your provider prior to being seen, so that they can appropriately plan for your arrival.
(updated 3/12/20)

Will Hammond Health Center Services remain open?

Yes, the Hammond Health Center will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with limited appointments available between 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Students must call 607-274-3177 for an appointment before coming to the Health Center and will be directed how to proceed. In order to comply with social distancing recommendations and to reduce the spread of illness, no one will be allowed into the Health Center without talking to our staff on the phone first.

  • For medications prescribed by the Health Center, you can submit a refill request through the MyICHealthCenter web portal. If your prescription is at the Ithaca Wegmans pharmacy and you have refills remaining, you can contact Wegmans and ask them to transfer the prescription to your home pharmacy.
  • Health Center staff will contact students to assist with obtaining necessary follow up care.

(updated 3/18/20)

Will the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services remain open? 

  • Yes, remotely.  If you need to contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), call 607-274-3136 or email counseling@ithaca.edu. In-person appointments will not be taking place.
  • Students who have a current relationship with CAPS will continue to receive telehealth services. Students with existing psychological services in their hometowns are encouraged to utilize those services.
  • After-hours counseling will remain available weekdays after 5 p.m. and 24 hours on the weekends. To reach the after-hours counselor, call 607-274-3136 and follow the prompts.
  • Students with CAPS appointments will be contacted, or can call CAPS, to discuss next steps.

(updated 3/12/20)

Will Center for Health Promotion services be available?

While the Center for Health Promotion’s physical space is closed, THRIVE Wellness Coaching and BASICS appointments are available, remotely. Students can engage with us via phone or Zoom. If you have an existing appointment, you will receive an email from us to ask if you’d like to work with us remotely. If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have other concerns regarding your wellness, contact us by email at healthpromotion@ithaca.edu.
(updated 3/17/20)

I’m an LGBTQ student and have specific questions about my health circumstances. Where can I go for information about those special concerns?

There is a page on the website, LGBTQ+ People and COVID-19 that includes info about ways our community may experience risk, and tips for students to help them engage with these current events.

Spring 2020 LGBTQ Resources includes links to IC update page, finding support in home communities, and more.
(updated 3/12/20)

Am I covered by the Student Health Insurance plan offered by Ithaca College while I conduct distance learning?

The short answer is yes, the Student Health Insurance plans covers students wherever they are

Students can find a participating in-network provider by searching the Cigna online provider directory at www.cigna.com, making sure you select the PPO, Choice Fund PPO option. You can also call Wellfleet Student at 877-657-5030 for additional assistance; the representatives answering student calls are trained to assist you to find the appropriate provider based on your concerns and the location where you wish to receive care.
(updated 3/17/20)

If I am studying abroad, does the medical and security insurance that I purchased through International Programs cover me while I am conducting my study abroad program?

A:  Yes, the insurance policy will cover students for medical treatment and medical evacuation while studying abroad during the dates of the study abroad program. The insurance carrier will also cover medical expenses if a student becomes ill from the Coronavirus or needs to be medically evacuated, which will be determined by physicians.  it is highly recommended that you contact Generali Global Assistance (assistance company) immediately if you need to seek medical treatment for any reason at (202) 659-7803 (outside the USA) or (800) 243-6124 (inside the USA or Canada).  Please keep in mind this policy does not cover preventative medical or dental treatment.
(updated 3/17/20)

For the few students who remain in the Ithaca area, will their prescriptions still be delivered to the Hammond Health Center or will students need to go to Wegmans?  

Wegmans will not be automatically delivering prescriptions to campus. For students who are remaining on campus, Wegmans will deliver their medication to Hammond Health Center only if the student has called and specifically requested Wegmans to do so.  Students who are remaining in Ithaca should pick their medications up directly from the Wegmans store.
(updated 3/17/20)

What sanitation measures are being taken by the College to prevent spread under the current circumstances?

The College’s Office of Facilities has been and will continue to follow recommended cleaning guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York State Department of Health via the use of EPA approved disinfectants.  Additionally, cleaning frequencies have increased for high touch point areas such as door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons.
(updated 3/12/20)

What are Public Safety protocols during this time?

In accordance with protocols and recommendations currently in place by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as State and local health departments, Public Safety will be making the following modifications to limit exposure and the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Please follow the link for more detailed information https://www.ithaca.edu/sacl/safety/
(updated 3/17/20)

Is TCAT still servicing campus?

TCAT routes have been reduced.  See updated service information here: https://www.tcatbus.com/covid-19-tcat-to-fast-track-service-reductions-due-to-dwindling-ridership/
(updated 3/17/20)