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When can students come to campus to pick up their belongings?

In order to be aligned with guidance from public health and government officials recommending at least 8 weeks of continued social distancing, we will not be allowing any students to return to campus to retrieve their belongings until after Tuesday, May 12. We are planning to give students and families until the end of May to collect their belongings or to arrange to have them packed and shipped. Please understand that this plan may change depending on the status of the outbreak and potential new guidelines at that time.   

We understand that there may be students who need to recover certain essential items from their residential room. Residential Life will attempt to locate items in a student’s assigned room and will work with Mail Services to ship those essential items to the student. All items will be shipped via UPS. Items must not include prohibited articles as described on the UPS website. The cost of shipping will be billed to your student account. Essential items may include:  laptops, photo identification, and keys.

In accordance with federal law we are not permitted to ship medication. We encourage you to contact your medical provider about obtaining emergency prescriptions to be filled at your current location.

You may request essential belongings by using the Property Retrieval Form.

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(updated 3/17/20)

Am I allowed to return to campus for any reason?

No. Effective immediately and throughout the period of remote instruction, students will not be allowed to enter campus for any reason. Exceptions for housing may be submitted to the Office of Residential Life using the online form.
(updated 3/17/20)

If I am approved to stay on campus, can I have guests in the residence halls?

No. Only approved students may stay/be present in their designated residence hall building during the extended Spring Break (March 15-22) and online instruction period.
(updated 3/17/20)

Is Residential Life cleaning out student micro-fridges before shutting them off?

The Residential Life staff has identified rooms that have small refrigerators or micro-fridges and will  be working with the facilities staff to empty the units. The units will all remain plugged in until students can come back to retrieve them or the micro-fridge company can arrange pick-up.
(updated 3/17/20)

I left my small pet in my room, what do I do? 

If students have any fish or other animals still remaining in their rooms, they should contact residential life immediately at housing@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3141.  The residential life staff will take the animal to the Center for Natural Sciences where a biology faculty member will provide care until students are able to return to get their belongings.
(updated 3/17/20)

Will there be credits or refunds for students living in on-campus housing and for meal plans?

Among the greatest concerns you have expressed is whether there will be credits or refunds for on-campus housing and meal plans that you are now unable to use. There is a campus-wide leadership group focused on this issue, and they are considering what is best both for fairness to our students and the long-term fiscal health of the institution. While we continue to work through the details, we want you to know that we are committed to providing some level of credit or refund to eligible students based upon each student’s individual circumstances. We commit to communicating the decision during the week of April 6. Thank you so much for your patience while we finalize details. 

(updated 3/25/20)

Am I eligible for a refund of tuition for the semester? 

Since instruction is continuing, and students will still have the ability to amass credits toward their degree programs, tuition will not be reimbursed.   
(updated 3/17/20)

I am signed up for the payment plan through Nelnet. Can I stop making payments now?  

Individuals should honor the payment plan by continuing to make payments for the semester since instruction is ongoing. Students whose families are facing major changes in their financial circumstances due to the national health emergency should contact Student Financial Services to discuss their unique situation. They can chat online at https://www.ithaca.edu/finaid/ or email at sfs@ithaca.edu
(updated 3/17/20)

Where should Ithaca College students be counted for the U.S. Census?

The Census Bureau has issued guidance that college students should still be counted at the residence they live while attending school, even if they have returned home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Census Bureau counts students at their on- or off-campus residence, not their permanent home address. If you live in off-campus housing that is not owned or managed by Ithaca College, you should respond to the census online at 2020Census.gov. You and your roommates should submit only one response that includes everyone who lives at your off-campus residence (pick someone to complete the form for your apartment). If you live on campus, you do not need to do anything. You will be counted through the “group quarters” enumeration process created by the Census Bureau. Only information that is considered directory information as stated in the College’s FERPA Policy will be shared with the Census Bureau. For additional information, please visit https://libguides.ithaca.edu/census2020.

(updated 3/19/20)