Only licensed vendors may be used to produce merchandise bearing the "Cortaca" trademark. Due to the time associated with application, you may find it easier to work with a vendor that is already licensed for the Cortaca program.

  • Applications for vendors to become official licensees to produce Cortaca merchandise
    • Restricted License should be used for all vendors producing merchandise to fulfill internal orders from departments within the Ithaca College and SUNY Cortland campuses, as well as vendors in Tompkins and Cortland counties. All other vendors should complete the Standard License.
    • Vendors who are already licensed through the Ithaca College licensing program will only need to fill out a brief addendum to be approved to produce merchandise for the Cortaca program as well.

All merchandise produced through this process must contain the "officially licensed collegiate product" label on the item or packaging. Licensed vendors will receive this label and instructions for use when they become licensed.


Please e-mail cortaca@ithaca.edu with completed vendor applications and any questions related to the Cortaca licensing program.