Visitor and Guest Guidelines

Ithaca College is pleased to welcome visitors back to campus beginning the Fall 2021 semester. We strongly recommend that all visitors to our campus be vaccinated against COVID-19. As of March 4th, guests/visitors are NOT REQUIRED to wear face coverings while on campus.

Within Residence Halls

There are currently no restriction for visitors in residence halls or apartments. 

We strongly encourage students to have conversations with roommates regarding visitors as your comfort level with having visitors in your personal space may be different given COVID-19. We also encourage that students continue to arrange to meet in outdoor locations or areas where  physical distancing is possible. Students may arrange for food delivery to their residence hall and should meet delivery personnel outside of their residential hall. 


We are excited to offer prospective students and families scheduled tours of campus. Please contact our Office of Admissions for more information.

For the health and safety of our employees and students, please do not access campus buildings, the campus store, or public areas of campus unless you are part of a scheduled admissions tour. 

Campus Events

We are accepting event proposals, please contact Conference and Events Services for more information. 

Performers/speakers/guests may attend and host in-person events, although we strongly recommend that any visitors be fully vaccinated prior to accessing campus

Vendors, Contractors, or Affiliates

If you are a visitor that will be accessing campus who must complete a daily health screen based on instructions from your campus contact, there is a two-step registration process to have the screening delivered to you electronically. First, please complete the approved visitor/guest registration form indicating the dates that you will be on campus and the name and email of your campus contact. This form should only be completed after you have received approval from your campus contact to access campus. On the day that you are approved to be on campus, please complete the daily health screening that you will receive by email prior to your arrival on campus

Enforcement of Visitor and Guest Guidelines

Non-compliance with visitor and guest guidelines is a violation of the community agreement and can be reported here. Violations by faculty or staff will be subject to disciplinary processes in accordance with the respective policies in the Ithaca College Policy Manual or collective bargaining agreement covering the individual. Violations by students, both residential and off-campus, will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Conduct Code.