Learn all about the Ithaca College Licensing program for merchandise

Until we launched our licensing program in July, there had been nothing to prevent anyone from selling products using Ithaca College's good name and reputation. We were a rarity in higher education in that we had no way to protect the rights to the commercial use of our names. To remedy that concern, the college instituted a trademark and licensing program.

On-campus and off-campus organizations will need approval before placing the college's name, logo, nickname, or other distinguishing mark on any product. This program is a critical component of our overall branding initiative, as Ithaca College seeks to ensure the high quality and consistent standard of excellence for which we are known.

Through the use of trademarks and right of first use, the College has protected the terms "Ithaca College," "IC," "Bombers,” "Ithaca [team/org name; 1892]", and any combination of these terms. Only approved licensed vendors will be able to produce, display, and distribute merchandise bearing those terms.

On October 28 from 10-11 a.m. in Textor 102 Rachel Reuben (Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications) and Kris Miller (Director of Creative Services) are going to be repeating the Licensing 101 session held at the end of July for those who would like a refresher or missed that session. All members of the campus community are welcome to attend. 

For more information about our licensing and trademark enforcement program, please visit the Office of Marketing Communications website at /marcom/licensing, or contact Rachel Reuben at


Originally published in Intercom: Learn all about the Ithaca College Licensing program for merchandise.