Digital Media Services


Ithaca College DIIS has identified and successfully entered into an agreement with a video streaming service called Livestream.  This exciting new service will allow the Ithaca College community to stream live video events across the internet virtually in real time.  It's a high quality video streaming solution that's mobile device friendly and offers a wide range of uses for events large or small.  Livestream ties in social media technology such as Twitter, Facebook, as well as its own chat features.  

DIIS ensures that the system is functioning and we support departments and individuals that are in charge of their own Livestream channels.  All actual streaming is done by delegates who "own" channels on behalf of the college.  While we are available to help support and consult, DIIS does not do the actual streaming production.

Ithaca College School of Music has been successfully using Livestream for the past few years with great success.  Campus Center and Event Services now offers Livestream services and Athletics is using it to stream games.  Some classrooms are now Livestream capable.  

LiveStream technology requires a rather extensive amount of technical work, so you should seek out locations that Campus Center and Event Services offers Livestream service.  If your event is in that area, then they can help.