Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone wants to switch platforms (PC to Macintosh / Macintosh to PC)?

 In the case of a platform switch that require additional expense (PC desktop to Apple laptop for example), the initial cost for the switch would need to be budgeted for by your school or administrative unit. The charges may change every year and are based on current pricing for the systems being purchased for the program. We try to project those changes as closely as possible for department budget planning purposes each fall; more details, including amounts, are posted in the yearly budget planning worksheet.

There is an option in the renewal questionnaire where you can indicate if you wish to switch computer platforms (ex: Windows to Macintosh) or form factors (ex: desktop to laptop). If there is an additional charge to switch, a change form will display (after you submit the questionnaire) for you to print out, complete, and send to DIIS.