Outlook Calendar for Mobile Devices

Syncing your mobile device calendar app is very easy with Office 365 Outlook calendar. See the quick guide for step-by-step instructions. Third party syncing is not necessary. 

Best Practices:

  • Manage meeting requests on a computer when available – It is possible to manage meeting requests on a mobile device, however, we suggest managing such requests from a computer. Responding to meeting requests on a mobile device can have undesired results.
  • Do not process or edit meeting requests on your smartphone or mobile device unless they were created there.
  • Do not delete any duplicate meeting requests that appear on your mobile device; just respond the same way again. Deleting a request on one device after accepting it on another can cause the meeting to disappear from your calendar entirely.
  • Do not invite others to meetings from your mobile device; do not change your reply on an already-processed meeting (e.g., Accept or Decline a meeting you have already Declined or Accepted); do not modify any recurring meetings. Save those tasks for your computer!
  • Ensure your smartphone or mobile device has the latest operating system version and all patches before connecting to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook calendar. Your device may receive updates automatically, “over the air,” but for many types of phones and devices, you have to manually connect your device to a computer with USB cable in order to download the latest update(s) and install them. Check with your wireless carrier, device manufacturer, and/or conduct an Internet search to see whether your device make and model are currently up-to-date.
  • When you get a brand new mobile device, be sure to check for and install updates before attempting to connect your new device to your Exchange account.