A range of services are available for victims of sexual misconduct.

If an act of sexual misconduct has been committed against you, especially an act of sexual violence, we strongly urge you to consider filing a complaint against the person(s) responsible.

There are no guarantees about the outcome of criminal and even disciplinary hearings, but most survivors end up feeling empowered by the process itself – demanding accountability can be a very powerful experience. Also, sexual aggression is rarely an isolated incident; by taking action, you may prevent others from being harmed.

If you do choose to file a complaint, you have a few different options. Depending upon your own goals and concerns, you may choose to take one or more of these forms of action:

Talk to Someone

Talk To Someone

The offices below can help you weigh your options, but the final decision is yours. If you want to consider your options, or just talk to someone, each one of these resources will assist you.

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 607-274-3136

The Office of Residential Life: 607-274-3141

The Hammond Health Center: 607-274-3177

The Office of Public Safety: 607-274-3333 (24/7)

The Office of the Chaplains: 607-274-3103