Invite to Opening Luncheon for FLEFF Faculty Research Forums. A limited number of seats are available for students.

You are invited to attend an important lunch on Monday, October 24th at 11:30 am in the Emerson Suites to welcome to campus 15 FLEFF Diversity Scholars and to launch the second annual FLEFF Faculty Research Forums. Only a limited number of seats are available on a first come basis for those who contact Professor Schlesinger at  

The research forums represent an opportunity for students to hear faculty discuss some important issues related to Diversity, Cultural Fluency and Global Citizenship.   The Diversity Scholars are graduate students who have expressed an interest in exploring Ithaca College's artistic and intellectual environment. The Diversity Scholars will attend the World Music Festival Concert on Sunday night, October 23 and three Research Forums on October 24th beginning at 1 pm.   The 11:30 am lunch on Monday, October 24th will feature Raza Rumi, Ithaca City of Asylum Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College, as the keynote speaker.

It would be ideal if you could attend both the lunch and, if possible, one of the three 50 minute long Research Forums. The first Research Forum begins at 1 pm in Klingenstein Lounge. 

If you have any questions, please contact me for more information (4-3951).    The FLEFF Diversity Scholars and the FLEFF Research forums are part of a collaborative effort between FLEFF and the Center for Faculty Excellence with support from Roger Richardson in his role as Chief Diversity Officer. We also want to acknowledge Tanya Saunders (Office of Extended Studies and International Programs) and Donathan Brown (Ithaca College Diversity Scholars Program) for their support and guidance.   Information about the scholars and the FLEFF Research Forums is below. We look forward to receiving your RSVP and hope you will attend the lunch and the FLEFF Research Forums as well as the World Music Festival Concert on Sunday night at 7:30 pm in Ford Hall. Thank you,   Warren Schlesinger FLEFF Diversity Scholar Coordinator  


Monday, October 24 Klingenstein Lounge  

1-1.50 PM            Inclusive Geographies (Chair: Gordon Rowland) Michael Twomey (English), Sueyoung Park-Primiano (Communications), Heather Hill (Education),  Annette Levine  (Modern Languages)  

2-.250 PM                   Geographies of Cultural Fluency  (Chair: Kati Lustyik) Evis Sammoutis (Music), Judith Pena-Schaff (Psychology), Lisa Farman (Comm), Deb Martin (Music)  

3-3.50 PM                   Geographies of Global Citizenship  (Chair: Debbie Rifkin) Enrique Gonzalez-Conty (Modern Languages), Alison Shields (Marketing & Law), Jonathan Ablard (History), Walter Chon (Theatre), Awo Osei-Anto (Health Policy)


  1. Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo,  Management & Health Policy, U. of Texas
  2. Jahmese Fort, Communication UCSD
  3. Lyneia Hawkins, Counseling Psychology Howard
  4. Yolanda Davis, Education, Policy, Org and Leadership U. of Ill. Urbana-Champagne
  5. Janice Gassam, Applied Organizational Psychology Hofstra University
  6. Amy Hunter, Epidemiology, West Virginia University
  7. Sierra Austin, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Ohio State University
  8. Stephanie Gomez, Literature UCSD
  9. Elizabeth Wijaya, Comparative Literature Cornell
  10. Yuanyuan Li, International Business, Rutgers U.
  11. Marcus Crews, Organization Management Rutgers U.  
  12. Jose Rodriguez, Cellular & Molecular Pathology, U of Wisconsin Madison
  13. Jace Saplan, Choral Conducting U. of Miami
  14. Vincent Price, Teacher Education, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
  15. Jamal Mazyck, Educational Leadership,  San Diego State University 



Originally published in Intercom: Invite to Opening Luncheon for FLEFF Faculty Research Forums. A limited number of seats are available for students..