Institutional Effectiveness and Budget Committee

IEBC Membership 2016-2017

Janet Williams, Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration (co-chair)
Linda Petrosino, Provost and Vice President of Educational Affairs (co-chair)

Brad Buchanan, Assistant Director, Recreational Sports
Scott Erickson, Professor and Chair, Marketing and Law
Joe Fenning, Class of 2018, Accounting
James Flinn, Class of 2018, Bus Admin/Finance Co, Accounting
Clint McCartney, Assistant Supervisor, Facilities Services
Ernie McClatchie, Director, Facilities Grounds and Maintenance
Yuko Mulugetta, Director of Enrollment Planning
Sean Reid, Dean, School of Business
John Rosenthal, Professor, Mathematics
Thomas Swensen, Professor and Chair, Exercise and Sport Sciences

Noelle Bartolis, Budget Analyst (non-voting resource)
Sally Dietz, Director of the Budget (non-voting resource)
Marc Israel, Assistant Provost Finance and Administrative Operations (non-voting resource)
Sarah Kane, Budget Analyst (non-voting resource)
Thomas Rochon, President (ex officio)
Jaimie Voorhees, Assistant to the Vice President, Finance and Administration (staff support)
Beth Reynolds, Interim Controller, Business and Finance (non-voting resource)