Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Ithaca College has embarked on the process of implementing a Strategic Sourcing approach to its purchasing and procurement needs.  This methodology emphasizes purchasing and procurement that is done within a framework of strategic partnerships with vendors/suppliers, along with revised and improved purchasing policy guidelines. The overall goal of this process is to ensure that the College is getting the best price for its purchases and that that they are delivered in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.  It is also intended to improve upon how the College manages its inventory of all procured and stored items.

We invite anyone who would like to share their questions, comments and concerns regarding strategic sourcing to send an email to

Here is a recent Google Hangout that helps explain Strategic Sourcing:


The video has specific points where you can jump to if you are only interested in the following:

Welcome and Introductions:

Why should I care?

A Large Undertaking:

Questions Answered from the Campus Community:

Main Objectives and Measuring Success:

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