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Submitted on behalf of Robert Cree, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance

 As the College’s strategic sourcing initiative gets underway, we are preparing to hold the initial “kick-off” meetings for each of the four advisory committees that have been created to assist with various aspects of the overall initiative.  The four advisory committees that have been created are as follows:  Supply Management, Change Management, Information Technology, and Purchasing/Travel Card.

 A listing of the members that will be serving on each of the committees can be found below:


Submitted on behalf of Gerald Hector, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Ithaca College has embarked on the process of implementing a Strategic Sourcing approach to its purchasing and procurement needs.  This methodology emphasizes purchasing and procurement that is done within a framework of strategic partnerships with vendors/suppliers, along with revised and improved purchasing policy guidelines. The overall goal of this process is to ensure that the College is getting the best price for its purchases and that that they are delivered in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.  It is also intended to improve upon how the College manages its inventory of all procured and stored items.



With this email, I want to inaugurate a series of messages that will keep you up to date on progress in meeting our goals for reducing expenses and increasing revenues so that we can reduce the annual rate of tuition, room and board cost increases to approximately the rate of inflation while providing annual employee compensation pools above the rate of inflation.  We will call this series of messages “In the Loop.”  You should expect to receive these updates once or twice per month.



Submitted on behalf of Robert Cree, AVP for Business and Finance.

A reminder that staff, faculty, and students involved in any purchasing processes within Ithaca College are invited to take part in the Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) “Procurement Assessment” survey.  A balance of participation from representatives in every aspect is vital for an accurate assessment.


Submitted on behalf of Robert Cree, AVP for Business and Finance.

Ithaca College recently completed an Effectiveness and Affordability review which identified a number of processes that were recommended for a more in depth review in an effort to identify potential gains in efficiency and application of industry best practices.  One such area that was identified is that of the College’s current purchasing processes.  In light of this information the College has decided to take a more in depth look at its current purchasing processes and compare them to current industry best practices and assess how strategic sourcing would benefit Ithaca College and what would be involved to move the College in that direction.