Strategic Sourcing Advisory Committee’s Announced

Submitted on behalf of Robert Cree, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance

 As the College’s strategic sourcing initiative gets underway, we are preparing to hold the initial “kick-off” meetings for each of the four advisory committees that have been created to assist with various aspects of the overall initiative.  The four advisory committees that have been created are as follows:  Supply Management, Change Management, Information Technology, and Purchasing/Travel Card.

 A listing of the members that will be serving on each of the committees can be found below:

Supply Management Advisory Committee

Lisa Belakour                                   Molly DeTuri

Wayne French                                  Tim Ryan

Traevena Byrd                                  Elia Kacapyr

Irene Scott                                       Donna Holzbauer

Marian Brown - Chair                    Zach Newswanger

Dave Prunty                                     Jenny Pickett


Change Management Advisory Committee

Ernie McClatchie                               David Pacun

Bill Liddick - Chair                             Susan Bassett

JoAnne Rosato                                 Terri Stewart

Marilyn Dispensa                              Leslie Lewis

Bonnie Prunty                                   John Sigg


 Information Technology Advisory Committee

Christine Davie                               Cass Barbour-March

Jeff Newhart                                     Lori June

Steve Adams                                    Kris Monroe

Lynn Eastman                                  Michael Buck

Karen Wheeler                                Bryan Roberts - Chair


 Purchasing/Travel Card

Ann Martin                                      Marishya Weiss

Linda Spencer                                  Karin Wikoff

Maria Haner                                     Karen Emnett

Lisa Cavataio - Chair                      Jennifer Landon


The advisory “kick-off” meetings are scheduled to occur the week of March 17th, where each committee will receive an overview of the Procurement Assessment report, objectives of the strategic sourcing initiative, and review the committee charge.

For continued information be sure to check the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing website.

Originally published in Intercom: Strategic Sourcing Advisory Committee’s Announced.