A Sustainable Conference

This year Ithaca College’s Ed Energy Conference is officially going green! All registration including vendors, attendees, and speakers has been shifted to online. Attendee contact information will no longer be printed in the back of the program, but will be emailed to participating vendors. These few changes alone will save about 800 pages of paper. Also, gifts for vendors and attendees will be chosen based on a multi-use basis. No more magazines or pens that will be used once and then thrown away.

Reusable Water bottles and Travel Mugs:
We will be providing reusable water bottles for all attendees and water will be available in the Exhibit Hall. We strongly encourage everyone to bring your travel mugs or reusable water bottles to the event. If you are caught at the conference with your travel mug you could win a coffee variety pack from our own Ithaca Coffee Company!

Waste Reduction:
You also might notice some volunteers standing by the waste stations. They will be helping everyone to separate waste into the correct containers, either trash, compost, or recycle. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have about proper waste disposal. However, this year waste will be at a minimum because all food and beverages will be served with china.

Hotels and Transportation:
If you happen to be staying overnight, La Tourelle is a certified ‘green’ hotel, and a beautiful place to stay right up the road from the college. Also, if you decide to venture downtown the T-Cat is an easy to use, public transportation system. For more information you can check out the TCAT bus schedule; you will want to take route 11 that travels between Ithaca College and the downtown Commons. There are also alternative options for travel. For example, you can reserve a vehicle with Ithaca Carshare; for more information check out their website, or call (607) 277-3210.

Local Restaurant Recommendations:
There is a huge variety of great restaurants in downtown Ithaca such as, The Ale House, Viva, Simeon’s, or Mahogany Grill. Also, there are options that support locally produced food including Moosewood Restaurant, Waffle Frolic, Bandwagon Brewpub, Agave, Mexeo, and a few others. Waffle Frolic serves delicious waffles with nearly any topping you would like (gluten-free and vegan options are also available). Bandwagon has great homemade fries with awesome dipping sauces, the best veggie-burger in town, and an excellent selection of hand-crafted beers. Moosewood is prominently vegetarian, but they do serve fish, their dishes are also great and like bandwagon they serve food that is in season. Agave and Mexeo are southwest-inspired cuisines that also serve dishes based on the availability of locally-produced ingredients.