Parking / Directions / Accommodations

2019 Parking Information 

Once again we will provide free parking, along with shuttles to take you directly to the event.

This year we will be utilizing a variety of parking lots (some are different than past years).  Please proceed to the main entrance of the college on route 96B and follow signs and the directions of the staff who will direct you to available parking spaces for Ed Tech Day. As lots fill up the staff will adjust the signs and direct you to the appropriate locations.

To avoid a ticket, please be sure to only park in the lots designated for Ed Tech Day parking.  There will be plenty of signs and people to guide you.

There will be free shuttle service, although some of the lots that we will be using are within walking distance of the campus center should you wish to walk.  It's no more than a 10 minute walk.

Driving directions to the campus.

Ithaca College Campus Map

The event will be held in the Campus Center.