An Enduring Tribute

The Ithaca College community is a close one. As students, as alumni, as faculty and staff, we all share a connection with one another through our association with this amazing institution. And as much of a lasting impression as Ithaca College has on our lives, each one of us leaves an equally indelible mark on our IC community.

The faces you see below are members of our college community who have died. Here, we take a moment to reflect on their lives. We remember their generosity, their contributions, their intellect and interests. Each story describes the life of a loved one lost, offering us a chance to reconnect with a unique spirit, or make an acquaintance for the very first time.

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Frank MusgraveFrank Musgrave
March 28, 1932 January 2, 2013

Frank Musgrave joined the Department of Economics faculty in 1968. A long-time chair of the department, he retired in 2010 after 42 years of service to the college. His influence had a profound effect on the character of the department, a legacy that remains today.

Frank loved his students and Ithaca College as much as he loved his family. His commitment to excellence in teaching was unwavering, and he saw humor as a critical means of engaging students. He always found a way to mix his dry humor in with technically challenging economic theory and application. As a result, his students responded with genuine affection when recalling their time in Frank's classes.

Frank helped create Students in Free Enterprise at Ithaca College as a local chapter of the national organization. Each year this club put together presentations for local, regional, and national competitions, and consistently won trophies and awards.

Outside the classroom, Frank shared many stories and anecdotes, often employed to ease into a difficult issue while making a point. One of Frank's enduring legacies is his interest in a free and unabashed debate where opinions may diverge.

Frank was honored to have been a part of The Oxford Round Table in England four times.

In May 2013, Frank was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus posthumously by the Ithaca College Board of Trustees.

Frank passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness, and is remembered by wife Eva Mae Gifford Musgrave '76; son Scott Kenneth Musgrave '84; and daughter Marcia Carol Musgrave '85.