Frequently Asked Questions

What are Places?

Places are — obviously — where events happen.

In the event submission form, there are several fields that pertain to Places:

Event Place: This is the most important Place-related field to fill out. There is a list of on-campus Places in the calendar. When you begin to type the name of one of these places, the full name will come up in auto-complete.

For more information, see "What are Place profiles?"

If the place location is off-campus, simply type the name of the place (example: A restaurant or business).

Room: If the event place is in a specific room of a building, please provide the room number or name here. You could also use this field for things like "Outside on the Quad" or "By the flagpole" if your event is outside of a specific building.

Address: Provide the address of an off-campus location; this will automatically create a Google map in the event listing. You do not need to fill this field out if the event is on campus.