Dining Services & Catering

Ithaca College offers a wide variety of dining options that can be customized to fit your event needs. Our full-service catering can accommodate everything from outdoor barbecues and picnics, coffee breaks, and refreshments to formal receptions and evening affairs. Guests can also participate in meal plans at one of the three dining halls on campus, which offer a diverse selection of meal choices.

Ithaca College Dining Services and Catering

Ithaca College Dining Services and Catering are committed to offering choices that promote a healthy lifestyle and include a variety of locally grown, organic, and sustainable options. To learn more about what Ithaca College Dining Services is doing to support sustainable dining and be an active and responsible community partner please visit the Ithaca Dining Services site.

Our event planners are happy to talk with you and collaborate with dining services to create a menu unique to your event. To ensure that a successful and customized dining experience can be arranged, please contact the Office of Campus Center and Event Services as early as possible to request dining and catering services. To see what Ithaca College Dining Services and Catering have to offer, please download a copy of the our catering menu and Convenience Menu today. Nutritional information about our catering menu can be found here.

Please click here to download ourCatering Policies.