5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Party a little Greener

Tis the season to be merry and green. Check out these tips from Campus Center & Event Services to make your holiday party more eco-friendly:

Invites: Save money and resources by sending invites via email or text message. If it's a formal occasion, think postconsumer recycled paper for the invitations—it's paper made from old paper, so you're helping to complete the recycling loop.

Decorations: Skip the paper and plastic and decorate with natural items from your yard—such as evergreens, pinecones, or seasonal houseplants. Or consider making your centerpiece an edible one with fruits, nuts, breads and holiday cookies.

Party supplies: Use reusable dishes, utensils and cloth napkins. Rent or borrow items you won’t need more than once, like large punch bowls and chafing dishes. If you need to purchase items be sure that they are biodegradable or recyclable.


Food: Shop and serve local products. Avoid waste by thinking conservatively when planning the quantity of food.

Trash: Be sure to recycle all items that are not reusable-like bottles and cans. TIP: Did you know that clean aluminum foil can be crumpled up and tossed in your recycling bin? Cover those casserole dishes with aluminium foil and forget the plastic wrap.

Campus Center & Event Services wishes you a happy, healthy and green holiday season!

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Originally published in Intercom: 5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Party a little Greener